Green Mountain Girls Farm

Length: 18:05
Green Mountain Girls Farm is a sustainable farm in Vermont. Two women who used to work for environmental groups decided to grow food for their immediate community as part of their an environmental act. Their animal-tilled farming produces many varieties of organic produce. I visited the farm with my father and my son and participated in farming. We got to know each other, learned to adjust our pace with each other, enjoyed farming together and ate delicious fresh food. It was fun and relaxing, and we experienced the importance of being close to the food we eat.
Production Credit:
Camera by Iki Nakagawa and Kunihiko Nakagawa
Editing by Iki Nakagawa
Sound Mix by Florent Barbier
Music by Evan Premo
Photos by Mari Omland and Laura Olson
Translation and Subtitle by Iki Nakagawa
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Peter: Life Collaged

Length: 13:06
NY artist Peter Cole makes his living by having multiple jobs. Despite difficulties, all elements of his everyday life complement one another and make a sustainable life style.
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SPRING design & art
Production Credit:
Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Iki Nakagawa
Translation and Subtitle by Iki Nakagawa

Out Of Synch

1997-1999 & 2008-2009
Workshop held in NYC and Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Out Of Synch is a media workshop for communication and conflict resolution.  The idea was developed in 1997 as a thesis for Master in Visual Arts at MIT and developed further in 2008 during the residency at Brooklyn Collage Art Lab.  The workshop was also held at Museum of Chinese in America in collaboration with a historian Dylan Yeats.
Please contact the artist if you wish to host this workshop.