Edit Session

Edit Session is a durational performance wherein I invite an audience, one by one and by appointment, to scan through video footage I shot over the last decade, make selections, and edit their choices into a two- to three-minute piece of their interest.
The footage includes personal journals of my everyday life over 10 years, spanning the early childhood of my son, personal relationships, conversations with friends, travelogue, material shot for past projects, and documentations of other people’s works.
This whole session is available for viewing by a second audience of undetermined size who may walk in at any point during the hours the performance takes place.
Documentations from the performance at MuseumofAmericabooks can be seen at https://moab.space/exhibitions/edit-sessions/


Length: 43:10
Filmic interpretations of Commoning directed by Iki Nakagawa with contributions from Caterina Verde, Douglas Manson, Mike Taylor, David Thompson, Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik.
Commoning is a group of poets, performers and persons working together toward the common good. Their foci: history of the enclosure of the commons leading directly to today’s privatization, wage stagnation and material inequity; inner and somatic practices as the basis of fairness; the ways in which laws become the means for maintaining imbalance; hypertrophy of the financial sector; language as hegemonic force of globalization; and private determination of public space by ‘business’ that has always approached ‘public’ as inimical to its interests.

Dressing Room

Collaboration with DD Dorvillier.
Installed in Brooklyn, NY & NYC, NY, USA.

Dressing Room was an installation with a live performance of a person projecting a video inside of a locked dressing room.  It was made for DD Dorvillier‘s performance “No Change,” and shown at the Context Studio in Brooklyn NY in 2005 and Dance Theater Workshop (currently known as New York Live Arts) in 2006.

The video contained recordings of two performers and myself sitting in the dressing room.  While we sat, we mediated about DD’s piece “No Change.”  The third performer, Michael, projected the recording of us sitting onto the exact wall where we sat.
The installation had two sources of audio.  The first source came from the projected video and played edited conversations I had with people during the production period of “No Change.”    The second source was the live voice of Michael.  He spoke whatever came to his mind while projecting the video onto the wall.
Production Credit:
Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Iki Nakagawa
Casts: DD Dorvillier, Elizabeth Ward, Michael O’Regan