Movements For Today

Movements for Today is part of an archiving project to harvest, cultivate and honor ideas and actions that shape respect and care between people and their living environments. I am documenting people who inspire me through the caring ways that they provide stewardship of the places where they live. I am seeing their actions as movements, much like I experience dancers when I frame and record their movements. Out of this practice came the idea of “Movements for Today”. This project was developed during the residency of MARSH and is being made possible in part by support from Culture Push, Inc.

Trimming and Attaching Baby Vines

Raphaelle Ottones
Documented and Edited by
Iki Nakagawa

July, 2019 in Richeaume, France

Raphaelle Ottones is a second generation grape farmer in Richeaume, France. The land has belonged to her family since around 1810. When her family was on holiday in 1989, they saw the land completely devastated from a fire early in the year. Her family began restoring the field. As part of the restoration Raphaelle decided to transition their vineyard to organic in 2008. So far she has completed seven hectares of the fifteen hectares that can be cultivated organically. She is part of Rousset’s Cooperative where grapes are bottled, with five other organic farmers. This footage was shot in 2019 when she was taking care of her younger vines.

Digging In The Rain

Beth Neff
Kiai Gilje

Documented and Edited by
Iki Nakagawa

May, 2019 in Carondelet, MO, USA

MARSH (Materializing and Activating Radical Social Habitus) is a not-for-profit organization operating as a worker’s owned cooperative, bringing economical, healthy, locally-grown and produced food and fair labor jobs to the community. Located in the Carondelet neighborhood of St. Louis Mo, MARSH sits in the midst of a historically industrial area alongside the Mississippi river, where cargo ships and cargo trucks pass by pretty much all day and all night. One of the founders, Beth Neff, is a veteran permaculture gardener and lends her skills to rejuvenating the soil and growing vegetables for the co-op and its neighbors. This footage was shot when two of the founding members of MARSH were planting fruit trees in their garden.

Tina Satter at the Kitchen

Recorded on HD video with Sony PMW-200

Tina Satter/Half Straddle’s “Is This A Room: REALITY WINNER VERBATIM TRANSCRIPTION” on January 9, 2019.

Videography: Iki Nakagawa

Concept and Direction by Tina Satter.
Performed by: Becca Blackwell, Emily Davis, Pete Simpson and T.L. Thompson
Score by Sanae Yamada.
Costume Design by Enver Chakartash.
Set Design by Parker Lutz.
Lighting Design by Thomas Dunn.
Sculptural Design by Amanda Villalobos.
Production and Stage Management by Randi Rivera.
Assistant Direction and Stage Management by Mariana Catalina.

Leadership Talks from ICPP

Leadership Talks from ICPP*:
Kristy Edmunds on Cultural Memory as Performance Archive
Shot and edited by Iki Nakagawa
Sound by David Scaringe
Recorded on HD Video with Sony PMW200
*The Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance (ICPP) is a center for the academic study of the presentation and contextualization of contemporary performance at Wesleyan University.

Aki Sasamoto At The Kitchen

Recorded on HD video with Sony PMW-200

Aki Sasamoto performs at the Kitchen on March 7, 2014.
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performance: Aki Sasamoto, Jessica Weinstein, John Bollinger, Pau Atela
lighting design: Madeline Best
timber sculpture: Pau Atela, Sam Ekwurtzel
songs: “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb, “Goodbye” by White Yellow Blue & Clouds

DD Dorvillier at Danspace Project

Recorded on SD video with Panasonic DVX100

DD Dorvillier performs “No Change” or “freedom is a psycho-kinetic skill” (2010 reprise) at Danspace Project.
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DD Dorvillier – Choreographer, Performer
Elizabeth Ward – Performer
Thomas Dunn – Lighting Design
Seth Cluett – Sound Design
Kelly Horrigan – Costume Design
Jeff Englander – Production Manager