work environmental

November-December, 2023
Five channels of video with three channels of audio at FEED Media Art Center, Erie, PA, U.S.A

During the residency at FEED Media Art Center, I created work environmental: an immersive audio video installation in a distinctive loft in FEED’s building that was under construction. Audiovisual recordings of people’s various conservation actions on the New York City shoreline are projected on walls and suspended fabrics along with ambient sounds of nature and industrial noise, inviting the audience to a sensory experience of what it is like to be with the actions in urban nature. Might this sensory experience elevate restorative acts of care for nature, wildlife and humans?

The exhibition was open to public by appointment, and during three tours held by the FEED during their programing.  Over one hundred people from the age of preteen to octogenarian visited the installation.

This work is an activation of the archive culminated from the project “thoughts for tomorrow, movements for today.”

A documentary of the work produced by FEED Media Art Center
Shot by iki nakagawa, Benton C Bainbridge and Tyler Akam, and edited by Collin Bonner and Benton C Bainbridge, 2023.