3rd Take

Installed in Brooklyn, NY, USA.
3rd Take was a installation that was made for “The Dating Show” at 3rd ward gallery in Brooklyn NY.
I found few people who wanted to make a dating profile video.  I invited them one by one to my house and recorded them doing a simple task; one of them fold laundry, another one washed a sweater, and another one took out what were in her purse.  I also got names of three friends and called them one by one to do an interview.  I asked all of them the same questions about the person who was making the profile video:
1. How they met,
2. One object she/he needs,
3. A person who she/he would enjoy spending time with.
I made audio recordings of the interviews and laid them over the image of the person doing a simple task.
The videos were available for viewing at the blog site that was open only to people who participated in the project.  Each blog post displayed a profile video and capability to contact other participants if they wished.  The videos were also on view at the 3rd Ward Gallery during the exhibition.
Contact the artist if you wish to make your own dating profile video in this way.