On and Under The Viaduct

Installed in NYC, NY, USA.
On and Under The Viaduct was a site specific installation commissioned by the Kitchen and Friends of the High Line.  It was shown at the Kitchen’s street fair.
At the time of the production, there were two oppositional plans for the High Line; one to demolish it and another one to renovate it as a public park.  The High Line now is a public park that runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street between 10th and 12th Avenue.  Since the rebirth of the High Line, most of the old factories and car mechanic places have been pushed out and the area is now occupied with blue chip galleries and luxury condominiums.
I asked a dancer to move from one end of the High Line to the other end of the High Line with a steady camera.  She recorded her trip as she moved through the freight rail line.  I also got hold of an audio recording of a public hearing in which people from both sides expressed their opinions about what to do with the High Line.
I made a telescope with an electronic shutter that could switch between video display and the actual view from the telescope.  The telescope was placed under the High Line, so the view was of High Line seen from below.  The video was of the footage shot on the High Line.  The audio recording of the debate was only played during the actual view seen from below.