Window 02

Installed in NYC, NY, USA.
Window 02-FLIP was a site-specific installation in collaboration with Taketo Shimada.  It took place at Basic Wheel, a skateboarding store in lower east side.
Shimada and I made two glass plates and attached them on the storefront window of Basic Wheel.  Each plate had its own video screen.  The screen on the right played a video portrait of the local skaters.  The screen on the left played a moving text and other footage we made from the moving text.
In the video portrait, the skaters described their techniques, the places they skate, and their reasons for skating.  Excerpts of their words were displayed as text and superimposed onto the video of them skating.  We deconstructed those words in accordance to an anagram system of the word “FLIP.”  Shimada and I used the new word arrangement as script and directed a series of scenes using actors.  These new scenes were displayed on the left screen along with the words that generated the scenes.